Vision and Mission

To achieve fair, professional and sustainable community forest management, towards an independent and prosperous community.


  1. To develop and encourage research activities in community forests
  2. To develop a community forest management system that is sustainable based on internationally-recognized certification standard Principles and Criteria.
  3. To develop the potential of community forests by considering economic, ecological and socio-cultural aspects
  4. To develop and synergize the potential of communities and other potentials in community forest exploitation.
  5. To Improve community welfare in the District. Gunung Kidul, especially members of the Dipantara’s farmer groups.


In articulating the Mission above, therefore Purposes of Dipantara Community Forest area are as follow:

  1. To develop and a community forest management strategy that grows time to time
  2. To develop and strengthen the economic independence of the community through community forest exploitation
  3. To increase community capacity in the management of community forests widely.
  4. To develop a pattern of togetherness/partnership between stakeholders in the management of community forests
  5. To develop silvicultural and agroforestry aspects in community forest management.
  6. Improve and improve environmental conditions in and around the Dipantara work area.
  7. Obtain and maintain minimum internationally-recognized certification standard for sustainable forest management on all members of the fostered community forest lands.

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