Dipantara’s Legality Aspects

Dipantara was founded by a group of forestry activists and practitioners, who have adequate scientific background and experience, and have a high commitment to protecting and preserving forests, based on the Notary Deed of Muhammad Kamaludin Purnomo, SH, No. 09 dated April 22, 2006. However, the form of this institution will be upgraded to a business entity in the form of CV or PT.

Dipantara. is an institution or company that:

• focus on the use and conservation of community forests, through integrated, collaborative and professional efforts.
• seeks to integrate entrepreneurial and social principles in a professional and synergistic manner.
The legality of Dipantara’s activities begins with the socialization of the program that will be carried out to farmer groups of prospective Dipantara partners, followed by the signing of the MoU and SPKS (Cooperation Agreement). Furthermore, each member of the partner farmer group or assisted by Dipantara must show the legality of his land which will be the object of cooperation with Dipantara. Dipantara will also continuously communicate with the local government of Gunung Kidul Regency, to get recognition for the existence and role of Dipantara in Gunung Kidul Regency.