Summary of Dipantara’s Monitoring

Ringkasan Hasil Monitoring CV Dipantara

CV Dipantara in 2021-2022 has carried out several monitoring related to environmental and social activities. The monitoring includes internal monitoring of KTHR, internal monitoring of production partners, monitoring of the impact of logging, monitoring of social impacts, monitoring of fertilizer use, monitoring of HCV, and monitoring of seed distribution. Overall, the monitoring results have shown good results for community forest management in environmental and social aspects in the work area of CV Dipantara

Monitoring is carried out periodically by involving KTHR members, production partners, and the surrounding community. For those related to the environment, the types of monitoring are the impact of logging, HCV, use of fertilizers and distribution of seeds. For the impact of logging, monitoring results show that CV Dipantara’s activities have not caused significant environmental damage. While monitoring the use of fertilizers, it was found that KTHR members used organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers used include urea, phonska, ZA, AND SP 36. In addition, CV Dipantara also provides teak seeds from shoot cuttings for free to KTHR members. The amount given is 6000 seeds.

In 2022, CV Dipantara did re-identification HCV. In these results, there are additional HCV areas, namely HCV 1.2 and HCV 4.3. At the time of Re-identification, several animals were found, including eagle-snake-bido, Asian honey sikep, honey-Sriganti bird, black srigunting, gray bentet, cucak finches, gemak stripe, and small sepah. While the flora found include: teak, melinjo, johar, sengon, pulai etc.

For internal monitoring of KTHR and Production Partners, it is carried out annually by sampling. Internal monitoring of KTHR was carried out at KTHR Sido Dadi, KTHR Sedyo Utomo, KTHR Ngudi Hasil, KTHR Prihatin, KTHR Jati Makmur, KTHR Sido Makmur, KTHR Tani Maju, and KTHR Sedyo Eko Bakti. Meanwhile, monitoring of Production Partners is carried out at Production Partners Tugiyo and Maryanto. The monitoring results show that several KTHR and Production Partners still need improvement in terms of administration and completeness.

CV Dipantara has also been monitoring social impact analysts. Based on the results of monitoring, it was found that the existence of CV Dipantara has had a positive impact on social and economic terms. In terms of economy, CV Dipantara has absorbed labor and increased the income of the surrounding community. While in the social aspect, CV Dipantara has conducted various pieces of training for KTHR and the surrounding community, reforestation, and development assistance. For all monitoring that has been carried out, it is hoped that CV Dipantara can continue to maintain and improve all aspects of forest management so that it can benefit the surrounding community.

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