Review of Social Forestry: Is it Right KHDPK a Solution?

By Bambang Adji S

Forest management in Java was established a long time ago. Forest management systems, especially teak forests, have been operationalized for more than 100 years and produce products that are in demand and sought after by the timber industry throughout Java.

The Java forest has its own uniqueness and has tremendous potential as the number 1 teak plantation forest ever produced in the world. Java forest products, it is called “teak”, are included in the category of quality products number 1 in the world, followed by teak from other Southeast Asia Region. Teak itself [Tectona grandis] is a species introduced from other areas and has been adapted to several locations in Java’s forests.

There are a number of hectares of State-owned Forest Enterprise that has been developing the system of management for years. This includes the issue of joint forest management which is the embodiment of collaborative action.

there is the term KHDPK which certain parties claim is a revival of forest management in Java. It is undeniable for more than 100 years, Perum Perhutani has developed its company in developing this Java forest.

Current Review and Summary


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