Blue Partnership: Call for Proposals

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l Blue Partnership Action Fund Application Guidance (Version 1)

l Blue Partnership Action Fund Project Proposal and Budget Template

l Financial Management Requirements for Funded Projects of SEE Foundation

The first round of Blue Partnership Action Fund (BPAF) Calling for Proposals would take place from June 29 to August 4, 2022.

To learn more about the application, please refer to the “Blue Partnership Action Fund Application Guidance Version 1.0”;

Project Areas

The project areas must locate within the ASEAN countries listed below: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Project Topics and Types

The project types supported by BPAF include but are not limited to: conservation and restoration projects, scientific researches, public outreach activities, public environment education, etc.

Project outcomes should directly or indirectly contribute to the following topics that are consistent with the 16 Blue Partnership Principles:

① Protection and restoration of coastal wetland ecosystems (mangroves, seagrass beds, coral reefs, etc.);

② Regional blue carbon trading mechanism;

③ Marine biodiversity conservation and monitoring;

④ Marine protected areas planning and monitoring;

⑤ Marine ecological corridor survey and conservation;

⑥ Marine microplastics and marine litter monitoring;

⑦ Activities related to above topics, such as marine environmental education and public outreach.

Project Application Duration:

The maximum duration of a single project is 24 months.

Fund Availability

BPAF grants range in size. The maximum amount for a single project proposal would not exceed 300,000 Chinese Yuan (exchange rate on a daily bases). Under the same circumstances, applications with matching funds would be given priority.

Applicant Eligibility

The project applicants must be organizations committed to marine protection, and legally registered in the countries/areas where the project would be implemented.
· Civil Society Organizations (including NGOs, non-profit social enterprises, etc.);
· Universities, research institutes, think tanks and other scientific research institutions;
· Volunteer groups, etc.;
Applicants should have appropriate experience with independent project management, technical report and financial report writing. All the documents including proposals, reports, and any other related materials need to be submitted in Chinese or English.
Emerging environmental protection forces are encouraged to cooperate with relevant mature conservation organizations and scientific research institutions to apply through the “1+1+1” model.
Project applicants can also apply to join theSustainable Blue Partnership Collaboration Network.

How to apply

Applicants should download and carefully read the“Blue Partnership Action Application Guidance Version 1”from BPAF website and fill out the project application template and project budget table.

Please send all application materials to: by 23:59 BST on August 4, 2022. An automatic response from this email address can be taken as proof of a successful submission of application.

Name your email as:
project name + applicant organization

Attached files of application materials include:
a. Project Proposal and budget (Word version);b. Registration proof of the organization in the country where it is located;c. Annual auditing report of the organization with translation in Chinese or English (PDF scanned version);d. Relevant introduction of the applicant organization and proof of having the appropriate funding and experience for the project content to be implemented (including but not limited to: annual report of the organization, team introduction, project introduction, relevant news, etc.).*All application materials need to be submitted in Chinese or English. Applications failed to include all application materials listed above would enter the next selection phase.

Project Selecting and Evaluating Criteria

Applications received will go through preliminary screening, background investigation and expert evaluation, and will be finally approved by the BPAF Management Committee. To learn more about the detail selecting criteria and procedures, please refer to the“Blue Partnership Action Application Guidance Version 1”.

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