The biggest social media trends for 2022

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Since the first social media platform was born in 1997 (of course it’s a Gen Zer), we can’t stop scrolling. With over half the global population having at least one social media account, it’s a bit of a big deal. 

Our latest, and greatest, flagship social media report is here to give you the freshest insights into social media in 2022.

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What’s in this report?

Through our research, representing more than 2.7bn internet users around the world, we’ve analyzed social media use, the top-performing platforms, and the #trending behaviors around the globe.

Bringing answers to your burning questions:

  • Which apps are becoming more popular?
  • What trends are taking hold in China, and will they move West? 
  •  How are Stories and AR tools evolving?
  • Are influencers going out of fashion?

Get the answers you need to keep consumers engaged, get ahead of the curve, and stay on trend with your audience.

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