FSC-certified wood recognized as an essential part of beautiful and sustainable living spaces

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FSC has joined 200+ organizations as partner in the New European Bauhaus (NEB), an initiative under the EU Green Deal to meet the EU climate ambitions. NEB’s mission is to inspire the actors of the construction sector and beyond, with its three values ‘beautiful, sustainable, together’.

The NEB aim is to accelerate the transformation of the construction sector in switching to materials that are circular, affordable and less carbon-intensive. The sector currently is responsible for 40 per cent of the global carbon dioxide emissions and 35 per cent of waste generation in Europe. The initiative will help translate the European Green Deal into tangible changes on the ground that improve our daily life in buildings and public spaces.

To put it more simply, in the words of the EU Commission President von der Leyen: “if the European Green Deal has a soul, then it is the New European Bauhaus which has led to an explosion of creativity across our Union.

Wood is among the most beautiful renewable materials to build our living spaces. It will play a crucial role in sustainability efforts – it’s versatile, and high-performing while taking far less energy to produce than steel or concrete. Yet, simply choosing wood is not enough. Poorly sourced timber can destroy ecosystems which, in turn, worsens the climate crisis. It can also negatively impact local communities whose economies are depending on forest resources.

Architects, designers, and others in the construction field must choose responsibly sourced timber for buildings and interiors to truly make a difference and make our forests thrive for the generations to come. By joining NEB, FSC wishes to provide them with a globally recognized tool to ensure sustainable sourcing and a unique platform for dialogue among stakeholders.

“We are glad to see a global organisation such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) being an official partner of the New European Bauhaus”, said Xavier Troussard, Head of the New European Bauhaus Unit at the European Commission Joint Research Center. “Wood is a climate-friendly and beautiful material: it stores carbon and can help substituting fossil resources, and it is part of the process to decarbonise our economy. We share the importance of making forests resilient, fighting deforestation, and protecting indigenous peoples’ rights. Future generations should be able to enjoy forests as much as we do now”, he added.

As part of its contribution to NEB, FSC will carry out a range of outreach, engagement, education and public awareness raising activities on the use of sustainable timber in construction and living spaces. 

This plan is being put into action for the EU LIFE Project ‘Home for the future’ (2021-2026) which aims to enhance circularity in the social housing sector of the Netherlands. FSC will deliver several free online courses about using certified timber in construction to guide the future decision makers in their supply chain sources. 

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For any questions on FSC participation in the New European Bauhaus please contact Ewa Hermanowicz e.hermanowicz@fsc.org 

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