Organizational Ethics

On an organizational occasion, we are faced with how to deal with organizational dynamics.  An organization’s future depends on the people who manage it. The goodness and progress of the organization depend on how much the people survive it in developing and raising the organization so that it has a good value in governance and operations.

Good organizational management is as important as the objects we manage. For example, when we are faced with natural resource management, we can at least organize ourselves so that the objects we manage can be used properly.

So in an organization, there needs to be a high commitment from individuals in building a good and right organization. Personal values that are applied to the organization solely for the common interest and progress of the organization. If in an organization there are parties who do not want to sacrifice for the values developed together, the organization will experience stagnation.

In many incidents in natural resource management, it turns out that the management party experiences internal governance problems. In many governments in the world, for example, an administration that is too bureaucratic has resulted in rigid and less flexible governance so that it is not able to keep up with the times.

Organizational ethics is determined by the organizational actors in it. And organizational ethics is one of the important things that underlie current resource management.

In organizations wherever we are, we need to uphold ethics. Ethics is a part of our habits that gives a positive sign that the organization of an institution needs to emphasize the values that support the institution to develop as optimally as possible.

Ethics are signs that enable us to understand and pay respect to each other so that we can work together in a more harmonious way to achieve goals as developed by the organization. On Wikipedia, it is stated that Ethics are the principles and values used by an individual to govern his or her actions and decisions.

In running an organization, ethics in organization needs to be prioritized. Many things related to organizational management require our agility and skills so that the organization can run well.

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