Learning from Sustainability: Listening


Hearing is one of the abilities of the sense of hearing. Every day I hear many things from waking up when socializing, working, when traveling to getting home. Listening also means receiving information literally and with implied meaning. It turned out that I found that listening is not just receiving information and then processing it in the brain, but furthermore listening will be more meaningful when I process it with my heart.

On the way, I learned a new knowledge that listening has levels. Level 1 is listening, which is downloading information where we are accustomed to being surrounded by various information, whether it is information that suits our needs or not. Level 2 listening is when we hear FACTUAL information, here we begin to use a sense of argument and compare information according to our knowledge. Level 3 listening is that we have started activating empathy within ourselves and trying to put ourselves in the partner’s perspective. Level 4, namely hearing from the source of origin, at this stage, the recipient of the information begins to think that he has an open INTENTION in realizing the future he wants to achieve in a conversation.

At each level of listening, it will require the activation of internal instruments, namely an open mind, an open heart, and an open intention. Knowing the existence of a concept like this, really opened my mind that in the past I was still struggling at level 1 and 2 listenings. Hearing that at that time I still haven’t found a meaningful follow-up, I just want to hear what I need, information that I feel is irrelevant I will skip. Likewise, with my interlocutor, our conversation revolves around the same point and argues about things without trying to see from the partner’s point of view. I missed this as an opportunity to realize the common interest.

Of course, at this time I am still in the process because there is still a lot of bias and noise in me to optimize my listening ability. However, I feel like I’ve realized there are areas within me that need room for self-improvement to get better.


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