The Role of Consultants in the SDGs

The role of consultants in translating the SDGs is more than important. The SDG is a manifestation of humanity’s concern through the United Nations for the continuity of life on this earth. various views and opinions on the concept of sustainability are then collected in the framework of the SDGs and the UN coordinates the implementation of these SDGs through governments around the world

The concept of SDGs has been developed through a process of research, development, and regular observation of cases of sustainability in the world. The concept of sustainability in the forestry sector places a lot of emphasis on social issues because it turns out that the complexity of governance is more about social dynamics.

Social and environmental dynamics are very influential on the management of forest resources. The government, for example, applies one of the rules for the comprehensive, and responsible forest products utilization. Responsible use of forests shall consider the existence of local communities living around the forest. It is undeniable that the existence of local communities is increasingly becoming an important element because we shall pay attention to this issue comprehensively to prove sound forest management.

Social issues in developing countries arise as a result of one-sided development. It is understandable that in our region economic-based development is one of the important thing to consider. It should be noted that social problems also demand serious attention from all of us. This concern is because our region is a worldwide ‘s concern about governance, including natural resource management.

The handling of forest products shall be demonstrating forest operation concern on Social aspects. in the evaluation process for sustainable management. The Ministry of Forestry and Environment applies mandatory [mandatory] certification with the aim of forest utilization complying with provisions that refer to environmental and social management. At least in the assessment process, social considerations, good relations with the community around the forest become one of the credit assessments.

On the one hand, the government wants to encourage sustainable management, but with decentralization, the delegation of authority to local governments is getting powerful. The decentralization of national development has had a positive impact that allows local governments to carry out their functions according to the authority they are granted.

For example, in the process of monitoring and evaluating environmental governance, decentralization provides the widest possible opportunity for local governments to make decisions. However, the national government’s commitment to overall development has not been fully translated by local governments.

Especially developing countries, need to get enlightenment about state government that is socially just and has an adequate environmental perspective.

In the oil and gas sector, sustainability looks at the environmental challenges faced by industry and an integrated handling process. In addition, there is added value for companies that manage their social environment well. In our region, environmental issues are so big and need attention from various stakeholders.

Therefore the implementation of sustainability will have some stages to achieve the optimum results of sustainability goals themselves.

  • For example, when the concept of sustainability becomes a necessity for many parties throughout the world, then there must be a process of looking at the theory and its compatibility at the practitioner level.
  • The process mentioned above must be conveyed to the practitioners for more consistent implementation.
  • The implementation of the SDGs in each sector has its own unique characteristics. SDGs in social sciences include paying attention to stakeholders in the context of their participation in managing natural resources in a sustainable manner. In the oil and gas sector, Social Responsibility is known and the process of identifying this social responsibility through certain principles and criteria.

Sustainability practitioners have carried out several trials and implemented this concept in more realistic activities. The forestry sector itself has forest certification which looks at the resources and management in a responsible manner.

The consultant is to have strengthened the concept of sustainability into the SDG simple concept and translate the implementation process so that it can be known and known by the wider public. One of the important consultants in the translation of the SDGs is a communication expert who can develop theoretical information into practical things.

This role is relevant to the science of sustainability in the SDGs itself which needs to be interpreted carefully so that the practitioners of the SDGs can understand it.


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