Review Current Environmental and Human Life

In commemoration of World Environmental Day, We are increasingly faced with an alarming environmental situation.

The current environmental degradation has awakened humanity to consume natural resources responsibly. As human beings, the responsibility for environmental management is part of the effort to protect livelihood sources so that the next generation is still able to enjoy life’s resources.

There are many sources of human life whose existence is threatened. Earth, water, air, and everything in it are natural resources that must be preserved. The way humans maintain these resources with various tools allows humans to take advantage of them from generation to generation.

It seems important and decisive to see the ability of natural resources to support life across generations. Our function as human beings who have the ability to think, consider and take decisions is encouraged to develop an innovative product that can control resource depletion and maintain the best for the benefit of future generations. Petroleum resources and other renewable sources need to be handled seriously and carefully so that humans can consume them responsibly.

The increasing human population and the higher level of consumption compared to production have caused humans to require creating new innovations in natural resource management.

  • For example in agricultural activities, these innovations are developed through a farming intensification system that produces high quality and quantity products but utilizes the land as optimally as possible.
  • The UN has been launching the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide for sustainability practitioners to comply with the SDG principles. The principles of sustainable development have been identified by experts and practitioners. According to the projections of these principles, sustainability will be realized consequently. The United Nations also hopes for the active role of societies around the world to realize these SDGs simultaneously. So it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the SDG implementers on the principles of sustainable management.
  • The UN itself needs to interpret the concept of SDGs into more concrete activities. For example, in implementing responsible forest resource management, social, economic, and environmental personnel are required to assist in the planning process. The roles of the planning department and practitioners are usually realized in the form of mentoring so that these activities can be studied, monitored, and evaluated with full of responsibilities.

If we can maintain these resources, they will be useful and can be used from generation to generation. In the science of sustainability itself, managing resources responsibly is an effort to save natural resources that are depleting from time to time. Meanwhile, we know that the earth’s carrying capacity is increasingly bearing the burden of living things in this world. The carrying capacity is strived to always be able to carry out restoration so that it can be used sustainably to meet the needs of human life.

Some examples of responsible use of natural resources

  • Consuming fuel from renewable and non-renewable materials, for example, must be carried out carefully and responsibly. Fuel products from renewable materials, knowledge is required to carry out the regeneration. the process from renewable resources
  • Understand the origin of the use of goods or services and manage responsibly. Responsible management of natural resources is to give a token of appreciation to producers who produce goods and services by relying on the principles of responsible management.
    • In the case of clothing production in a country, consumers who are sensitive to environmental issues will pay attention to the production process and the responsibility of environmental producers in the production process. The case of clothing production was widely discussed across the globe when an exporting country in South Asia produces a lot of clothing and apparel, but the production process causes a lot of social problems. One of them is inadequate labor wages so the company is very vulnerable to worker unrest.
  • There are many companies and institutions that need to show their performance through environmental awareness. Their concern must be demonstrated by a commitment to sustainable development. Sustainable development has been proclaimed by the United Nations with reference to several important elements including health, gender equality, and several environmental and economic elements that must be a serious concern in sustainable development. They are demanded by the public who are sensitive to the environment to show a transparent work process and minimize social and economic conflicts.

Consumption of materials for a livelihood must be responsibly utilized and in a sustainable way.

This is due to increasing population pressure and basic human needs which have caused livelihoods to be increasingly threatened.

our attention to the current environmental conditions. should be stronger.

Various developments in the development of natural resources have made mankind more aware that it is important to preserve the sources of life. Sustainability is part of efforts to strengthen understanding of environmental management which also pays attention to social and economic aspects.

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