Volunteer Opportunity for ELP Alumni

Hello ELP Alumni Family,
I hope this email finds you well! As you may know, this year’s ELP will be fully online to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our online program last year was very successful, and we are working to make this year’s program even better by using the feedback we received from the 2021 participants.
We would like to share an opportunity for some of you to be able to volunteer to help during this year’s online program. We think it would be great for 2022 participants if alumni could help facilitate the Zoom sessions; this may involve:

  • welcoming everyone to the session
  • introducing the speaker(s) for that day
  • facilitating transitions between activities
  • helping to manage the Zoom session
  • making sure those who aren’t speaking are muted
  • admitting people into the Zoom call
  • meeting with instructors before sessions to plan their flow and structure

Requirements to volunteer are that you:

  • have reliable WiFi and computer equipment
  • have a quiet/private workspace
  • have reliable communication before and during the program
  • are willing to meet people
  • develop a short bio profile for yourself
  • can join the call for the very first session on June 2, to briefly introduce yourself
  • commit to volunteering for four weeks

Sessions will be every Thursday and Friday from June 2 to September 16 from 7-9 am PDT (click here to enter your time zone). We would prefer that you commit to participating in both Thursday and Friday sessions for an entire month; however, if you can only make a commitment to participate once a week, we may still consider it as long as you can fully commit to an entire month.

We believe this is a great opportunity for those of you who want to build your resume and practice your online presence, as well as practicing your facilitation, online presentation, and program management skills. If you volunteer to help us with this, you are welcome to listen in on the rest of the sessions and participate in the rest of the ELP as well, before and after the month during which you are volunteering. This is a great chance to re-engage with ELP instructors and Berkeley staff, and tomeet and network with the 2022 cohort!
If you are interested in helping contribute to the 2022 Beahrs ELP, please reach out to us at beahrselp@berkeley.edu as soon as possible. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this as well.
Best,The Beahrs ELP Team

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