School on the Hill

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Conservation work requires determination, persistence, patience and ingenuity because what we are dealing with are people from various backgrounds. Not black and white. Friends in the field who are spearheading the institution have interesting tricks and stories when dealing with the public. Sometimes it takes patience, sometimes there are funny things, sometimes there are unexpected problems. All of them can be a learning material for other colleagues working in the same field. The Nature Conservancy (now the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation) field friends are no exception, in East Kalimantan. These unique experiences are outlined in a book entitled “School on the Hill”.

There were many ups and downs while editing this book. As part of the publication at TNC at the time, I had to re-read my friends’ manuscripts. Indeed, many of them are writing their experiences for the first time. But their passion for writing should be applauded. I have to make sure the written words match their writing intent. Sometimes it is necessary to add an opening paragraph to explain a story so that the reader is not surprised by the story he reads. Sometimes you have to complete terms that are already common among NGOs but are not well known by the wider community. Sometimes you have to call friends in the field to make sure their message is really conveyed in this book. It’s finally finished. This book was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama and during the launch a discussion was held moderated by the author Ahmad Fuadi.

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