Sustainable Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry

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A UNECE Policy Brief

UNECE has launched the policy brief: “Sustainable Urban and Peri-Urban Forestry” to emphasize the role of sustainable urban and peri-urban forestry as an integrative and strategic nature-based solution that can help develop healthier, more sustainable and climate-resilient cities. 

Recognizing the collective experience of city dwellers throughout the pandemic, the brief highlights the urgent need to expand the forest cover in our urban areas and emphasizes that afforestation and tree planting must be supported by sustainable, long-term management to ensure that the benefits provided by urban forests are optimized over time and for all.  

This is best achieved by combining the multiple opportunities for action by city and national policy makers identified in the policy brief. One rule of thumb to consider is the “3-30-300 rule,”  which emphasizes the importance of equity in urban forestry so that all residents benefit from our urban trees and forests. The “3-30-300 rule” provides that individuals should be able to see at least three trees from their home, that there should be a 30% tree canopy cover in each neighbourhood and 300 metres should be the maximum distance to the nearest high-quality public green space. Read the Policy Brief here

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