What are nature-based solutions and how can we finance them?

Source >>> 10 Feb 2022 Johnny Wood Writer, Formative Content UpLink – Take Action for the…

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Sustainable Finance: How does it link to forests?

Source >>> Published February 11, 2022 by Anna Begemann Key narratives on how to harness finance for forests While…

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Heading Towards A Global Plastic Treaty?

Source >>> DECEMBER 13, 2021 A revival of calls for a global plastic treaty is encouraging.…

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AICON Now Hiring

Indonesian Gum Rosin

Global count estimates Earth has 73,000 tree species – 14% more than reported

Source >>> Second world war codebreaking calculations used at Bletchley Park find 9,000 of those species…

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What might global ESG regulation look like in 2025?

Source >>> Following COP26 and the broader discourse around green finance, there is increasing pressure on…

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Community-Forestry NTFP Product: Bamboo Gallery

Gallery Feb 2022

Meet 7 inspiring women working in environmental science

Source >>> Fewer than 30 percent of researchers worldwide are women, reflecting gaps in educational and…

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