Capturing Carbon

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Fighting Climate Change Through Canadian Forestry.

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Our fight against climate change has become a collective race against the clock. To keep the global average temperature from rising by more than 1.5°C — the mark noted by nations the world over as the one we need to hit to fulfill the promise we’ve made to future generations — we need to significantly reduce our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Our forests have a critical role to play in this fight. With over 40% of our country blanketed by the Boreal, Canada is home to not only the ultimate carbon sink but one of the world’s most renewable and sustainable resources.  

But how we manage them — and what we choose to create from this renewable resource — matters.

Capturing Carbon tells the story of how sustainable forestry will help address the most pressing concern of our generation and help shape the greener future we deserve; from the forest floor in BC, where foresters are fighting the effects of climate change to the front line fight in our cities where building tall with wood can create more climate-conscious communities, sustainable Canadian forestry can put our country on the path toward meeting our net-zero emissions targets.  

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