The Power of Partnerships: How grant-funded multistakeholder platforms are seeding solutions to address complex challenges

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The world urgently needs to take collective action to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030.

In a resource-constrained world grappling with a major global development setback in COVID-19 and looming interconnected climate, nature and health crises, learning which solutions work, demonstrating greater impact and enabling others to adopt and scale these solutions are crucial elements in optimizing limited resources to benefit people and planet.

This Power of Partnerships Report provides valuable insights into how grant-funded multistakeholder partnerships – collaborations of diverse stakeholders with a shared ambition during an agreed timeframe to deliver specific mission-driven outcomes – are making progress.

The 13 Forum hosted grant-funded multistakeholder platforms featured are collectively mobilizing climate action to reduce carbon emissions and strive for net-zero outcomes, strengthening nature-based solutions, improving water and ocean systems, developing and scaling digital innovations, and unlocking trade and investment opportunities, catalyzing systems change and creating impact at scale.

Lessons learned:

  • Topics have acted as door openers to more difficult conversations
  • Building platforms takes time
  • Multistakeholder collaboration is not easy
  • Open and trusted dialogue is essential
  • Platforms must invest in continuous learning systems
  • The value of partnerships lies in their dynamic nature
  • The platform’s role in tackling complex problems is highly valued

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