Coming soon: Clyde & Co/Global Resilience Partnership joint paper on Biodiversity litigation and value chain risk

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  • 19 January 2022
  • Climate Change

In 2022, with the Global Resilience Partnership, Clyde & Co’s Climate Risk and Resilience team will be exploring biodiversity litigation and value chain risk. Our thought-leadership paper will be coming out in Spring 2022, so watch this space, and register your interest below for opportunities to learn more about this topic in the coming months and to be alerted when our report is launched.

The global economy depends on a healthy biosphere. It has been estimated that more than half of the world’s economic output – US$44tn of value – is moderately or highly dependent on nature. Biodiversity risk is increasingly going to be on the corporate radar as part of ongoing work to mitigate climate change risk (and support nature-based solutions) and broader initiatives on ESG. At the same time, accounting and reporting standards for biodiversity-related risks and impacts are taking shape. 

As a result of increased scrutiny of both the dependencies and impacts that companies have on biodiversity and the increasing harms caused by biodiversity loss, we will begin to see an uptick in litigation risk. Added to this picture is the growing use of data from remote sensing and in supply chain management which will permit a better understanding of where biodiversity loss is occurring and who may be responsible.

Cases may be brought for the direct impact of companies on ecosystems or particular species, or for the deprivation of related ecosystem services to communities or other companies that depend on them. Liability risks can also arise from a failure to adequately or faithfully report on biodiversity-related risks, or misrepresenting nature-positive credentials.

Importantly, the advent of biodiversity litigation risk comes at a time of (1) greatly enhanced value chain due diligence requirements, and (2) courts’ preparedness to recognise the rights of nature as a legal person alongside humans and corporations.

The Biodiversity litigation and value chain risk paper will be launched in Spring 2022. If you would like to receive a copy once it is released, register your interest below. 

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